The Aedvices story

Early years


François Cerisier founded Aedvices Consulting in 2012 as an independent contractor after several prior experiences at organizations in France and the UK.

During the company’s first few years, he worked on the verification aspects of a number of projects throughout Europe.

Aedvices is founded in 2012



The company grew rapidly, and François hired his first two employees in the first half of 2016. He moved to an office at the Centr’Alp industrial park near Grenoble. The company hired its first interns, who stayed on as full-time employees. Aedvices continued to grow!

Aedvices grows

New offices


The company began to outgrow its original office, and moved to a new, 200 sq. m space with enough room for customer projects, in-house development work, and the Aedvices engineering department.

Aedvices moves to Centr'Alp business park

A flourishing small business


With eleven employees (and growing!), Aedvices had stepped fully into its identity as a growing consulting firm.

Aedvices grows into a flourishing small business by 2019

More new hires


More new hires followed. Today, with 20 employees, Aedvices continues to grow. The team now also includes staff in Paris and the south of France.

Aedvices continues to hire new employees

New objectives


Based on its current growth rate, Aedvices will double in size and revenue between 2021 and 2023. Up next? Development centers in the south of France and in the Paris area and, later, overseas.

Aedvices’ growth targets

Our mission

At Aedvices, we do two things: IC design and IC design verification. Our team focuses its energy on a single objective: to help you develop more secure products more cost effectively, while meeting your time-to-market targets.

Verification is part of our DNA

Today it is hard to think of a single area of our lives that doesn’t depend on microelectronics in one way or another. You can count on our deep knowledge of verification processes to help you keep your projects on deadline and release products that are 100% on-specification from the very first version of the chip. Our approach to verification is built on three pillars.

First, we use agile project management and continuous integration methods to keep your project moving forward on schedule so that you can hit your time-to-market targets.

Second, we identify bugs way before releases to help de-risk your project.

Third, we do verification early on to reduce the risk of costly silicon respins, additional iterations, and missed business opportunities due to delays.

Our services

Aedvices certified for the French research tax credit scheme


We can provide outsourced R&D to meet a variety of needs. For companies in France, Aedvices is certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation to perform R&D work for other companies under the research tax credit program.

Aedvices is Qualiopi-certified for its training activities.

AEDVICES provides verification training for professionals to develop their skills. Our training courses are aimed at microelectronics engineers, verification engineers and managers.

At Aedvices, we believe in the students who will become tomorrow’s engineers. We work with several schools and universities to help train these bright young people in high-demand skills. François Cerisier and Ajeet Kumar teach a class on verification to graduate engineering students.

Introducing students to this fundamental aspect of integrated circuit design projects sparks real interest and inspires future careers.

The management team

Our trainer Francois Cerisier provides UVM verification trainings

François Cerisier


François has more than 20 years of verification experience and is recognized as an expert in the field. He is a member of the Accellera Systems Initiative, an EDA and IC design and manufacturing standards organization. François supports Aedvices’ verification engineers on projects across France and internationally.

Find out who is Laurent Gay, aedvices sales director

Laurent Gay

Sales Director

Laurent came to Aedvices from the semiconductor industry, where he held several sales and marketing director positions.

Find out who is Christian Rivier, Aedvices head engineering

Christian Rivier

Head of Engineering & Projects

Christian is our resident design expert. He was also Aedvices’ first employee! Christian adds value to FPGA prototyping projects and is now in charge of our Engineering & Projects department, where he leads his team on project planning, agile methods, and other project management issues.

Our partners

Partner companies


Breker’s Galactic Partner Program provides consultants and trainers with access to Breker tools. The program makes it easy for us to work with the new Portable Stimulus standard.


Being a member of the Siemens partner program helps us keep up with the latest developments in stimulus generation, UVM, and the Portable Stimulus standard.


Being part of Cadence Connections program allows us to leverage our services, trainings and VIPs within Cadence ecosystem to better serve our customers using Cadence tools.


Iconda, which started out in design and verification, now focuses on business development for small and medium sized companies and training and development for engineering teams worldwide. The company has extensive experience designing and delivering training courses and workshops on both technical and non-technical topics.

Iconda’s founder Andrew Betts is one of the people behind the Verification School project.


IC’Alps is specialized in the design and supply of ASICs and SoCs. IC’Alps and Aedvices bring their respective skills to build a complete turnkey solution, from specification to silicon. 

ATP Formation

ATP Formation is our partner for inter-company SystemC training and verification training. Our courses are offered twice a year in Grenoble and Sophia Antipolis, France.

Partner schools

Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA

According to the 2021 I&T ranking, engineering school Grenoble INP – Phelma is the world’s fifth best higher education institution for innovation. We give lectures and lab classes to help students expand their knowledge of new fields and open up new career opportunities.

Grenoble INP - ESISAR, UGA

Engineering school Grenoble INP – ESISAR offers academic programs in smart systems and advanced systems and networks. It was only natural for us to want to teach their students about verification, a rapidly growing field in which skilled engineers are in high demand.

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