Integrated circuit

Integrated circuit design, or IC design, is a multi-step process:

  • The required IC functionality is described in a particular language
  • These high-level functions are translated into circuit elements
  • Clock domain crossing (CDC) and static timing analysis (STA) are completed
  • Design for testability (DFT) technologies like built-in self-test (BIST) are integrated into the design
  • The GDS file is created

ICs are everywhere, from data centers and aerospace systems to phones, home appliances, and cars. In fact, none of these things could operate without integrated circuits!

Our team brings strong experience with computer-aided integrated circuit design and prototyping to your project. We provide personalized support for your IC design specifications, architectures, development, and prototyping. Our IC design expertise spans a wide range of use cases, from consumer electronics to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Does your project involve critical systems or safety-critical applications? We can help!

IC design verification

Whether your digital IC design operations are handled in-house or by Aedvices, we run your project through a robust verification process to ensure that it performs all of the functions in the specifications correctly.

The IC design verification process helps reduce the number of bugs. Our tests are automated using either object-oriented languages, in advanced tools like SystemVerilog, and/or in C or C++. Around 50% of the development work done on an integrated circuit design project is verification.

Our verification experts can help you determine the optimal approach for your microelectronics or embedded system project.

Based on your project attributes—time to market targets or a formal requirements process like DO-254 or ISO26262, for example—we determine the best way forward for you. We then design an appropriate verification environment and develop the right suite of tests for your needs.

How we help with IC design and verification

Aedvices is an independent service provider. We specialize in microelectronics and embedded systems design and verification.

IC design and verification services

Verification tools and solutions

Aedvices develops custom IC design verification tools and solutions to meet your unique needs. Optimize verification tasks and speed up verification process with our IP blocks, verification IPs (VIPs), and frameworks.

Turnkey IC design and verification

Would you like to outsource your IC design or verification project to a team of experts? Look no further! Our deep knowledge of IC design and verification will add value to your project and help keep it on track.

UVM and SystemVerilog training

Universal Verification Methodology, or UVM verification, and SystemVerilog verification are efficient, yet complex. Aedvices training courses are ideal for design and verification engineers seeking to learn (or to strengthen their knowledge) about methodology, verification plans, and architectures.

IC design and verification consulting

Take advantage of Aedvices’ experts and equipment during your next project. We can provide additional resources to enhance your capabilities at any stage of your project.

Our mission

Helping you design lower-cost, more secure ICs and embedded systems

Microelectronics are everywhere. Our design verification services are designed to help you deliver integrated circuits (ICs) and systems-on-chip (SoCs) that meet their specifications and keep your project right on schedule. Our IC design and IC design verification experts focus on three key areas:


Time to market, leveraging agile project management and continuous integration of product specifications.


Risk management, identifying bugs before each release.


Iteration costs, setting up a verification plan ahead of time to avoid costly respins.

A team of IC design and verification experts

for your product development projects

What makes Aedvices different from other IC design and verification specialists? Our people! Our team brings a wide range of expertise and deep experience designing and verification testing microelectronics and embedded systems.

  • Critical systems design
  • Modules and IP
  • SoCs and subsystems
  • FPGAs
  • Integrated circuits
  • System verification
  • Functional verification
  • VIP development

Even our most junior engineers have access to the entire team’s knowledge and experience through a structured mentoring program.

Our philosophy

We partner with our customers and take pride in fulfilling our commitments. Our people are our most valuable resource. We make sure they have opportunities to skill up and provide them with a company culture that allows them to thrive. Our values are the pillars of our company’s success and are shared by the entire team.

A team with diverse backgrounds committed to sharing knowledge

Continuing professional development to maintain a high level of excellence

Opportunities to learn and grow in a positive work environment

A feeling of belonging to a team where each member can count on the others for support

L'équipe d'Aedvices, experts en design et vérification

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