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Read what founder François Cerisier
has to say about Aedvices

François graduated from Polytech’Sophia with a degree in microelectronics engineering in 2000 and has enjoyed a variety of stimulating work experiences since then.

It was during this early part of his career that he discovered the world of IC design and verification.

He has held verification engineering, application engineering, and management positions with several microelectronics and EDA (Electronic Design Automation) companies in France and internationally.

Our trainer Francois Cerisier provides UVM verification trainings

I founded Aedvices Consulting as an independent contractor. A few years later the company really started to take off and I hired my first employee. In 2017 we moved into our new, larger space at the Centr’Alp industrial park.

Given how rapidly we were growing, it was time to lay the foundations for the next phase in our development. We rebranded and ramped up our sales and marketing efforts in the Grenoble area and internationally. Today, we are a team of more than 20 professionals who share the same passion for our business.

François Cerisier

Our philosophy

Hire people from diverse backgrounds and cultivate cross-skilling

Provide training to promote our profession

Create a positive work environment where people can learn and grow

Foster a feeling of belonging to a team where each member can count on the others for support

One of our next big challenges is to open development centers in the south of France and in the Paris area and, later, overseas.

Aedvices is hiring for verification and design engineering positions

Students and recent graduates
Let’s build our future together!

Whether you are looking for an internship or your first job, we could have the perfect position for you!

Aedvices has been hosting student interns since 2016. We are also happy to hire recent graduates for their first jobs!

Our mentoring program is set up to ensure that all new hires get the support of a more experienced employee. Our goal is to make you feel at home and get you up and running as quickly as possible. Providing a quality work environment is important to us.

Plus, employees have access to all of our training materials.

The fact that Aedvices delivers training to a wide range of companies and that I would have access to all of that knowledge was a key factor in my decision to join the company.

Verification and Design Engineer

In-house and customer projects to satisfy junior and senior engineers

We work with companies in a wide range of industries, from IoT and artificial intelligence to robotics and aerospace. As a member of the Aedvices team, there will always be exciting and stimulating projects for you to work on. Our employees contribute their expertise to our customers’ projects and our in-house development work.

The hiring process

Our four-step hiring process is set up to ensure that all candidates get quality time with our people so that they can make the right decision.


A thorough review of your application


A preliminary phone interview with a member of the engineering team


A second interview with the line manager, the human resources manager, and member of the candidate’s potential future team


A final decision, whether it is positive or negative

It is important for me to have a clear process. Candidates need to know where they stand. Putting people at the center of the hiring process is one of the things that really matters for us.


Onboarding to support you after you are hired

We feel strongly that a solid onboarding process is vital to ensuring that you quickly feel at ease in your new position. We will be there for you from your very first day.

Our goal is for you to connect with the other members of the team, familiarize yourself with your new work environment, and settle into your new position stress free.

The first time I met the team was at the New Year’s dinner.

I hadn’t even started work yet, but they made me feel like one of them. The opportunity to get to know everyone in a social setting made me feel right at home at the company. The atmosphere in the office is relaxed and friendly, too. I really enjoy coming to work every day.

Verification and Design Engineer

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