Neurxcore, a leading provider of optimized solutions for artificial intelligence (AI), has just announced the launch of a complete range of neural processors (NPUs) developed and verified using Aedvices’ VIPs.

To ensure the quality of their IPs, Neurxcore has selected Aedvices for the use of its dedicated Verification IP (VIP).

“Our SNVDLA neural processors are based on a significantly modified and enhanced version of an open-source NVDLA acceleration core from the American graphics processor giant, NVIDIA, combined with new proprietary and patented architectures developed by Neurxcore. Our NPUs are highly configurable and significantly improve energy efficiency and processing capacity in sectors and applications as diverse as IoT, data centers, computer vision, and generative AI. Thanks to Aedvices’ VIPs, we have been able to develop and qualify a complete system incorporating one of our neural processors in 22nm TSMC silicon technology,” says Virgile Javerliac, CEO of Neurxcore.

The original technology was initially developed in the Xcelium and Questa environments. Aedvices supported Neurxcore in porting the VIPs and their verification environment to Synopsys’ VCS. The Aedvices team provided all the necessary support for a successful integration.

“The use of Aedvices’ VIPs has significantly contributed to the quality of the development of our new neural processors. We have achieved a very high level of verification, ensuring their success in the market,” notes Patrice Couvert, VP Engineering at Neurxcore. “Aedvices demonstrated commercial flexibility in making their VIPs available to us. The robustness of their solutions, combined with the quality of Aedvices’ support, was crucial to our project.”

The Aedvices team is pleased to have contributed to the development and launch of Neurxcore’s products.

“Neurxcore is an innovative company in the field of neural processors. Our VIPs ensure the reliability of their IPs and their integration into SoCs. We are proud to have contributed to the success of their development and to participate in their growth,” says François Cerisier, CEO of Aedvices. “We will be delighted to contribute to the seamless integration of Neurxcore’s NPUs into their clients’ SoCs by offering our VIPs.”

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